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At you can pay by:

- Visa

- MasterCard

- PayPal

If you want to pay by invoice, please send an enquiry to

We will carry out a credit check and get back to you with an answer about whether payment by invoice is an option for you. If it is, we will set up this option in your user account, and you will see that payment option the next time you log on.

If you don’t already have a user account with us, feel free to press “Create new user” where you can tick the box to indicate that you want to pay by invoice.

We will process your request as quickly as possible. It usually takes 24 hours on weekdays.

No, it is not possible to pay with EAN.

If you have paid by card, we will not deduct payment for your order until we have dispatched the item from our warehouse.

In the evening/night on the day the item is dispatched, you will receive an invoice stating “Invoice paid online”.

If you want to shop with us repeatedly, it is possible to get a company agreement. You are welcome to contact us to find out more about this options. If your company would like to trade using invoice payments, you can contact us to have this set up on our system.

We reserve an item for you when you place your order. The amount will only be deducted on the evening/night of the day when we dispatch the item to you.

If you cancel your order, the items will be cancelled immediately.

If you only cancel parts of your order, the items you do not want will be cancelled. However, the amount reserved will only be cancelled a few days later, in some cases up to 30 days. It depends on which payment card you used when you ordered.

When we receive the item you have returned, you will receive a credit note by email. The credit note is sent to the same email address that was used to complete the order.

The refund will be returned to the same account/card used for payment.

We will send the money immediately once we have received the returned item. However, if payment was made by MasterCard or similar, the bank’s refund rules will apply. It usually takes 7–10 days for funds to appear on the card.

I have ordered personally, but it was supposed to be for business.

Unfortunately, we cannot change the name on an invoice once the goods have been shipped.

If it needs to be changed, the items must be re-ordered with the correct information, and the other items can, of course, be returned to us.

You will automatically see prices including VAT (25%) at If you would like to see prices without VAT, please go to the top right-hand corner of the online store and select “Without VAT”. On a mobile phone, you will find the function in the upper left-hand corner below the 3 bars (menu). At the bottom, select “Without VAT”.

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