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Flame retardant work trousers

If you are looking for flame retardant work trousers for men, you are in the right place. Here you can find a great selection that meets various safety requirements. That is important for those working as industrial workers, welders or electricians, who need work trousers with protection. With flame retardant work trousers, your legs are protected from heat, fire and sparks. Trousers with flame retardant properties mean that if you are exposed to fire, heat and sparks, the flames will not be able to spread and the chance of you being burned is reduced.

Flame retardant work trousers must have a high level of safety, but it is also important that you feel comfortable in them and that you have the necessary features to be able to carry out your work. This is the case with our selection of trousers where safety, fit and functional features are fulfilled. Find the work trousers that suit your working day below.

Flame retardant work trousers with great properties

You can get flame retardant work trousers with two different certifications. You can get them with the standard EN ISO 14116, meaning limited flame spread. The second standard is EN ISO 16112, which protects against substantial heat and fire.

EN ISO 14116 is therefore for those who need protection against short-term exposure to heat and fire. Work trousers with this standard reduce the possibility that they will catch fire, which would expose you to burns. Work trousers with this certification have limited flame retardant properties, minimizing the risk of your clothes catching fire after brief contact with heat, flames and sparks. This standard is available in classes 1 to 3, of which 3 is the best level and the safest.

On the other hand, EN ISO 16112, is for those who are exposed to substantial heat and fire. Trousers with this certification are made of flame retardant material that protect you from heat, fire and sparks at work. Keep an eye on this certification if you need extra protection due to your risk of coming into contact with substantial heat and fire. Keep an eye on the CE label in your safety trousers. The label indicates the required clothing combination for your safety and how the jacket is certified. Products with this certification are classified according to parameters such as convection, contact heat etc., which are divided into different levels depending on how well they protect.

Get flame retardant work trousers that both provide protection and fit perfectly. Among other things, we have work trousers with stretch that make sure you feel comfortable during wear. In addition, we have trousers with Cordura® reinforcement for added wear resistance, many great features such as front pockets, leg pockets, ruler pockets and whatever else you might need. We promise that you will not need to compromise on quality, even though you have to have safety sorted.

Check your flame retardant work trousers regularly

Flame retardant work trousers are ruined when subjected to fire or other exposure. Despite the fact that the damage is not visible, the work trousers’ material is weakened, and holes will appear after washing. Additionally, sweat and dirt can also affect the electric insulating effect, thereby impairing the safety level of your trousers. We therefore recommend checking your flame retardant work trousers regularly and possibly replacing your old trousers with new ones to maintain optimal protection against fire and heat.

Explore this page to find the flame retardant work trousers you need. We have a wide selection of cheap surplus stock as well as brand new models for men online at Cheap-workwear.com.