Fishing wear for harsh weather conditions

Fishing wear for harsh weather conditions

Are you a commercial fisherman working in challenging weather conditions? Then you’re well aware how important it is that your garments can withstand extreme weather – and repel water, of course! Fishing clothes must be able to keep you warm and protected during long periods of heavy seas, winds, and rain. Like workwear, waterproof fishing garments must be durable and suitable for use throughout a full work day at sea.

Fishing wear with waterproof properties

First and foremost, fishing clothing must be able to prevent water ingress. Look for a water-column pressure rating on the garment’s label to determine waterproofness. The higher the water-column pressure rating, the more waterproof the garment will be. For commercial fishing rainwear, we recommend a water-column pressure rating of about 20,000 mm. Read more here about water-column pressure and breathability in rainwear.

The EN 343 certification for fishing wear means that the clothing protects against snow, rain, fog and humid weather, and has been tested for waterproofness and breathability in classes 1-4. Read more about certification of workwear here.

What kind of clothes do fishing crews wear?

For commercial fishing, we can recommend Elka Fishing Extreme. This is a series of waterproof overalls, jackets, and smocks. These fishing garments can be made of durable and waterproof PVC, for example, with a water-column pressure of 20,000 mm and welded seams. Some of the garments are also oil- and cold- resistant. Reflective trims are also an option, as well as high-visibility orange as a colour choice. If you prefer subtler colours, shades such as olive green and dark blue are available.

In addition to the Elka series, we offer waterproof fishing wear from Ocean and other brands. Below, we’ve made it easy for you to find a full selection of fishing wear:

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Outdoor tøj til lystfiskeri

Are you an fisherman and love to put the fishing rod in the water by the fishing lake or stream and pull fish up for a good meal? Or do you just enjoy the experience of staying in nature as an angler? Then you probably also appreciate being dressed in clothes that can keep you dry, warm and ventilated so you can enjoy nature without freezing or sweating. Here you can take a look at our selection of outdoor clothing that also suits anglers well.

Med denne lille guide, håber vi, det er lettere for dig at finde det rette fiskertøj, uanset om det er til professionelt fiskeri, eller om du skal bruge det på turen til fiskesøen eller ved havet.

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