A wide selection of workwear and leisure wear for kids

Lots of children like to mirror their adult role models. Here at Cheap-workwear.com, we make this possible as you can buy lots of clothes for children such as trousers, overalls, jackets and T-shirts in various colours. In addition to imitating grown-up clothes, they are practical, durable and can withstand being played in. Brands with kids’ clothing are for example FE Engel, Blåkläder and Snickers.

Rainwear and insulating sets

Good rainwear is also something kids need for outdoors activities and games in order to avoid getting wet and cold. The rainwear might consist of trousers, overalls and jackets in different colours with visible reflectors. Ocean, Elka and Craft are some well-known brands.

Dress your children in a warm, insulating set of thermal wear underneath their rainwear, and they are sure to keep warm. The clever part is that the lightweight thermal wear can also be worn alone for milder weather. For very cold winter days we can recommend a thermal coverall, also called a snowsuit, for children. It is typically breathable, water-repellent and wind-resistant, and is a one-piece suit which does not come apart in the middle. Look for brands such as Elka, Lyngsøe and Ocean.

Kids wear for outdoors activities and sports

If your children enjoy outdoors activities, why not take a look at outdoors wear from Pinewood, to name one example. It is designed with an eye for allowing children to spend lots of time outdoors in all kinds of weather, while also being dressed in calming colours that complement the natural surroundings nicely. Outdoors wear for children might include jackets, trousers, T-shirts and fleece jackets.

Many children play sports such as handball, football, gymnastics, golf and more. For this purpose, you can find children’s sports wear in many forms such as shorts, T-shirts, polo shirts, sports kits, running leggings, and more. The well-known brands in sportswear for children are Craft, ID Identity, Cutter & Buck and Tee Jays and more.

Footwear for kids

Children's footwear might be rubber boots for outdoors life and jumping in puddles. They could also be children's shoes, sneakers, sandals and children's boots for everyday life - some with laces and others with velcro. The footwear is available in nice colours and has a high level of functionality due to the great details such as a good fit, slip resistance and shock absorption. Children’s footwear is available from brands such as Viking, Sanita and more.

Go shopping here at Cheap-workwear.com, and find lots of clothes and footwear for children. We have both the latest trends and cheap surplus stock at bargain prices. If you have questions about any of the clothes and footwear, please feel free to contact our customer service.