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Printing and embroidery for companies and associations

Having a logo on company clothing increases brand recognition and crates a professional appearance for employees. We’re happy to add a logo on your company clothing, Whether you are a craftsman or a salesperson, we offer quality solutions for applying printed or embroidered logos.

Choose printing or embroidery

At, we are experts in printing and embroidering logos on company clothing. We offer two logo application methods.

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Embroidery logo

With embroidery, you achieve an exclusive, 3-dimensional appearance. Embroidery is the right choice for "smart" corporate clothing such as vests, shirts, and knitwear. The durable polyester thread's vibrant colors withstand boiling washes and retain their color throughout most of the textile's lifespan.

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Transfer logo

Transfer printing is the suitable choice when workwear needs to be used day in and day out. Transfer printing involves a separate foil transfer that is applied to the garment using a heat press. There are different types of transfers, including water-based, standard, color stop, polyamide, and digital transfers.

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Name and text printing

We can offer to create name prints and numbers in-house. We have our own plotter, which makes it both more cost-effective and quicker to produce small prints. By handling production internally, we can ensure high quality and swift delivery of the prints.

How much do logo printing and embroidery cost?

The prices for printing and embroidery vary according to the size of the logo and the logo’s placement on the garment. In addition, you must order a minimum of 10 pieces. If you do not need 10 pieces immediately, we’ll save the rest for your next order.

Please contact our business department for a price on printing or embroidery of you logo

Tell us what you need

In order for us to give you a non-binding offer, it will be helpful if you answer the questions below. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours on weekdays.


Frequently asked questions about printing and embroidery

If you want a logo on your company clothing, you are welcome to contact our business department. We’re ready to help you! Below, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about logo application.

To get logo printing or embroidery, just complete the form here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also send us an e-mail including an image of your logo, and describing the type of clothing for logo application, logo placement, and the quantity of garments/items you want to have printed or embroidered. The logo must be sent as vector graphics with a file format of ai, eps or pdf.

If you do not have the logo in vector-graphics format, we’ll be happy to help you convert your logo. We will then contact you with a proposal for review and approval, and production will start only after we receive your final approval.

The price for logo printing and embroidery will vary depending on the application method. However, there is a start-up price from 5€ per unit.

Yes! We also print on bags, beanies, and helmets. 

For T-shirts, for example, it is very popular to place the logo on the left chest and on the back section. See other locations here

This greatly depends on the type of clothing used for the logo. However, it’s possible to add logos on any area without seams or stitching.

We’re always ready to help you with questions about the format and graphics of the logo. It’s helpful if you can provide us with a draft of the logo's appearance, and then we can help you design your logo to achieve a clear, distinct logo on each garment!

We only do printing and embroidery for business customers and associations, not for private individuals. 

You must purchase a minimum of 10 pieces with logos. If you do not need 10 pieces immediately, and we'll save the rest for the next time you need to order the item.