Welding boots

If you work with welding in your job, welding boots offer effective protection. Welding boots are especially good when you move about during welding tasks, because they protect your ankles. These work boots are safety approved and made with a focus on comfort, so you can wear them all day. Buy your welding boots here to ensure that you’re well protected from sparks.

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Welding boots

Do you prefer welding boots when working with welding? Here at Cheap-workwear.com, you can find men’s welding boots from brands such as Sievi, Brynje, Jalas and several others. If you move around in many different positions while welding, it may be a good idea for you to use a pair of welding boots in order to protect your ankles against cutting sparks and welding sparks.

Welding boots are great for working in the winter when your feet need extra warmth, but they can easily be worn in all seasons. In some sectors, it is common to wear boots all year round, ventilated with a pair of thick socks that wick moisture away from the feet.

A pair of welding boots must be made with a focus on comfort so they do not feel too heavy to wear. They should be shock-absorbing enough that you do not get sore legs and back pain when walking and standing in them on hard ground throughout your working day.

Great properties in welding and safety shoes

Welding boots can have properties such as ESD, meaning that they protect against static electricity. In order to be anti-slip, they must be SRC approved. The outsole may be resistant to oil, also known as ORO. If you stand on hot surfaces of up to 300 degrees, your welding boots can withstand it if they have HRO. Welding boots can also be water resistant.

The fact that some welding boots have breathable properties is another bonus. This simply means that your feet can breathe so that you feel as comfortable as possible.

You can get welding boots in an extra wide model, and the sizes vary from small to very large sizes.

Functional welding boots

A good pair of welding boots must have toe caps so that your feet are optimally protected if you drop something heavy on them. They can also have an extra wear nose or ProNose, which makes them particularly well-suited for work that requires you to be on your knees or crawl around in positions that can wear out the front of the shoes. If you have to stand on a ladder, welding boots with ladder grips are a good idea, as they give you a much better grip on the ladder than in boots without ladder grips.

There are welding boots with both laces and velcro closures , so you can choose which option works best for you.

A good way to achieve full protection from head to toe is by supplementing your welding boots with flame retardant workwear from Cheap-workwear.com. That way, your clothes and footwear can withstand sparks and embers effectively.

Have a look on the webshop and find the welding boots that meet your and your workplace’s requirements for boots for welding work. You can both get the latest boots and cheap surplus stock on offer at good prices.