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Do you have workwear for DIY projects?

DIY projects for renovating houses, flats and holiday homes are more popular than ever. You need a new kitchen or bathroom; floors need to be broken up to lay underfloor heating. You need to strip decades-old wallpaper – and then plaster and paint the walls, and new types of ceilings need to be installed. Maybe your holiday home needs a new patio, barbecue or woodshed. You need to sand and paint old furniture to give it a new lease of life, and when the work indoors is done, you’ll have to tidy your garden and give your lawnmower some TLC. Yes, there are plenty of exciting DIY projects just waiting to be tackled!

Are you the type who loves DIY projects and can’t get enough of them? Well, the only question, then, is whether you have some practical, sturdy DIY workwear – so you can look professional as well as make a good job of your projects? Here are our recommendations for workwear that will make DIY projects enjoyable, knowing you’re well protected and able to work efficiently.

Handyman and handywoman sporting DIY workwear

Ever heard of “builder’s bum”? This can easily happen if you wear worn-out jeans for DIY jobs – and you’ll probably agree with us it’s not a pretty sight and doesn’t help you work smarter! Instead, we suggest you wear practical, comfortable workwear that’s fit for purpose. But what would an outfit of “proper” workwear actually consist of?

  • Work trousers for men or work trousers for women. A pair of proper work trousers like these can stand up to lots of laundry cycles and withstand being used for dirty jobs. Some come with reinforced knees and pockets as well as pockets for knee pads.
  • Do you think knee pads are only for geeks? Then think again, because they provide full protection for your knees when you’re down on the floor working where it’s best to kneel.
  • Overalls for men and overalls for women are comfortable because they protect your back from draughts and there’s no gap at your midriff. An added bonus is that they don’t constrict you uncomfortably around the abdomen.
  • A soft forester’s shirt for men or women is a great match for work trousers. You look smart and can keep warm, but you also have the option to roll up your sleeves if it gets too hot.
  • Work shirts for men or work shirts for women can mean sweatshirts, hoodies, fleece sweaters, cardigans or knitted sweaters. They can be worn alone or over a work T-shirt.
  • Work T-shirts for men or work T-shirts for women are great for summer work, or indoors in the heat. You can get work T-shirts in many colours, styles and materials. A good tip is to choose a cotton T-shirt if you work with an angle grinder or anything that generates sparks, because the fabric doesn’t melt. On the other hand, it can be an advantage to choose a perspiration-wicking polyester T-shirt in the summer, because it dries quickly when you sweat.
  • As outerwear, a work jacket for men or work jacket for women may be needed if you work outside. Heavy or light, either way, you can find it here. You can get classic work jackets, pilot jackets, softshell jackets, knitted jackets, thermal jackets, winter jackets and parka jackets. If you choose a shell jacket, you can wear it all year round, because you can vary what you wear under it, e.g. a warm sweater in the winter and a short-sleeved T-shirt in the summer.
  • Many DIY projects require work gloves to protect your hands. A pair of work gloves for men or work gloves for women will complete your DIY work outfit. You can read more about how to choose the right work gloves here.

Clogs or safety shoes for DIY enthusiasts

If you’re likely to step on old, stripped-off ceiling plaster or floorboards with sharp nails, it’s wise to wear a pair of clogs or safety shoes that will protect your feet from nails. When you take rubble to the dump, toe protection can be useful in case you drop rubble or other heavy things on your toes. Find footwear for men and clogs for men or footwear for women and clocks for women here.

Any questions about DIY workwear?

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