Hearing protection protects against hearing loss

Hearing protection protects against hearing loss

What to consider when choosing hearing protection

It is important that you protect your hearing from hearing damage from a young age. This could be protection against machine noise, against noisy vehicles and against gunshots, for example if you are a hunter. You can effectively protect your hearing with hearing protection, but the type is by no means irrelevant. Therefore, we have provided you with the noise levels and different types of hearing p

How much noise does noise actually make?

Sound is measured in decibels (dB). In order to clarify the noise levels for different types of noise, we provide some examples below.

Important information about protecting your hearing

Persistent noise over 75-80 dB can cause hearing damage. Persistent noise of 85 dB can cause severe hearing damage. Persistent 90 dB noise can cause 3 times as severe hearing damage as 85 dB noise. Short-term, loud noise (in the form of blows close to the ear) of 130-140 dB can cause hearing damage.

Hearing protection can provide a solution

You can effectively protect your hearing with different types of hearing protection. Broadly speaking, hearing protection can be described as passive hearing protection when no sound from the outside can penetrate. While active hearing protection is that which automatically blocks harmful noises at the same time as allowing speech to be heard.

The SNR value is stated under the individual earmuff and earplug models at Cheap-workwear.com. This refers to the attenuation level provided by the earmuff for


So a hearing protector with a SNR value of 24 - 29 appropriately reduces the noise in this example. In short, choose a hearing protector that reduces the noise to below 80 dB.

  • Earmuffs and earplugs can have an SNR value of approx. 18-37 dB. They are made of a foam material that expands as it is mounted onto the ears and therefore provides a snug fit.
  • Electronic, intelligent and active hearing protection for shooting allows you to hear your surroundings you while automatically blocking loud noises. Speech can still be easily heard. Here, the SNR value could be 26 dB, for example.
  • Bluetooth hearing protection is a form of electronic hearing protection. You can communicate clearly in extremely noisy environments, make phone calls, and stream music. The SNR value is around 30 dB.
  • Radio hearing protection is electronic hearing protection that muffles loud noises from the outside. Here, the SNR value could be 30 dB, for example.
  • Hearing protection for helmets is easy to mount on a helmet. You can also get electronic hearing protection with radio and bluetooth for helmet mounting. The SNR value varies considerably, and can be found under the individual hearing protective device for helmet mounting.

Here at Cheap-workwear.com we sell, among other things, Peltor hearing protection, Portwest, Hellberg, and 3M earplugs. If you want to see the selection and perhaps make an order, you can find the different types here:

Questions about hearing protection

If you are still unsure which type to choose, feel free to contact our customer services at info@cheap-workwear.com, or tel. Tel. +45 9674 2030.

They can help you find suitable hearing protection and answer any questions you have about hearing protection.