When you look around here on, you will find that we have countless brands at the webshop, both well known and lesser known. Occasionally, new brands also appear with exciting clothing and footwear for men, women and children.

Try a new brand and create your own experience - it could easily be that you are pleasantly surprised by something in the fit or technology of the clothing or footwear that makes you want to buy more of that particular brand.

Well-known workwear brands

Certain brands dominate the workwear category, such as Blåkläder, Fristads, Kansas, Mascot, Snickers, Engel Workwear, Carhartt Workwear, Helly Hansen Workwear, L.Brador, Portwest, Tranemo, Westborn, Kramp, along with many more. These are well-known brands, featuring clothing with great properties and high wear-resistance.

Are you looking for a specific brand in chef and server clothing?

Then there are masses of brands we can offer you. There is plenty of opportunity to choose the clothing best suited to those of you who work as chefs or servers. Whether you want colours or require it in white. It could also be that the details and style of fit provide the icing on the cake. We have a huge selection of chef and server clothing from brands like Karlowsky, Kentaur, ID Identity, Segers and Nybo Workwear. In addition, you can find clothing from Portwest, Projob, YOU, Sunwill and many more brands that will give your clothing a professional look.

Many brands in nursing and clinical wear

In addition to well-known brands such as Kentaur, Nybo Workwear and Karlowsky, we can recommend workwear for the care and clinical industry from ID Identity, Invite, Hejco, Clique, Segers and countless others. The choice is yours and you can choose based on colours, features, functionality and brands - it all depends on what you value most in your clothing. First and foremost, regardless of the brand, you need to feel comfortable in the clothing, so you have the most freedom to move while working. This could also be to do with the type of pockets you require, making sure you have everything you need within reach.

Great promotional clothing from ID Identity, Clique, Cutter & Buck and many more

And we promise that you can find it here in the webshop. Promotional clothing needs to be suitable for a trade show, an office, a bank, an estate agent’s, a store and other possible workplaces where workwear fulfills a representative role. Some of the brands available here include Craft, Tee Jays, YOU and Nimbus. But that’s not all; other brands include Kümmel, Claire Woman, Pitch Stone and Sunwill. Take a look around the webshop to find the promotional clothing you need - in return, you will be rewarded with clothing that is perfect for promoting yourself and your business.

Sportswear and leisure wear in “cool” brands

One of the most valued properties in sportswear and casual wear is the sweat-wicking feature that keeps the clothing cool. And brands like Craft, Clique, ID Identity, Tee Jays, Pitch Stone and more put this feature high on the list. There are other brands that more fully cover the need for outdoor clothing and hunting wear, such as Deerhunter, Seeland and Northern Hunting. If it’s a sport such as golf, Cutter & Buck offer a professional selection, or for cycling, it has to be Vangàrd. Just take a look around the sporty section and find a brand to tempt you with great, functional clothing.

Footwear for work and leisure from well-known brands

When looking for safety footwear for work, Sika, Jalas, Atlas, Airtox, Euro-Dan, Brynje and emerge, among others. Within all of these brands you can choose between different safety classes and whether it should feature nail protection and toe protection.

Work footwear can also be without safety features and intended for the service industry. This could include server footwear, uniform shoes, or footwear for those of you working in the nursing and clinical industry. Here we can name brands such as Sika, Sanita, Sievi, Codeor, Birkenstock and Shoes For Crews. This footwear is non-slip and designed to allow you to be on your feet for hours.

You can also find rubber boots, work boots and safety clogs among the selection. Such brands include Sievi Solid Gear, Viking Footwear, Jalas, Mascot, Brynje and Blundstone. For leisure and sport use we provide footwear in brands such as Sika, Birkenstock, Merell, MBT, Sanita, Craft, Gateway1, Viking Footwear og LaCrosse and more besides. Visiting our footwear department is the only way to check out the selection.

Children's footwear should be quality-branded

Children's footwear should fit so well that the child barely notices they are wearing it. The fact that it comes in striking colours often makes it even more attractive to the child. There are rubber boots, shoes, sneakers and clogs from Viking Footwear, Rubber Duck, Keen and DUNLOP. Go for a virtual walk around the webshop with your child and find the brand of footwear that best suits your tastes.

It's the accessories that make all the difference

Did you know that you can get protective and safety equipment here at the webshop? We have masks, visors, safety helmets, glasses and other accessories to make your work safer. The brands include Portwest, Centurion, OX-ON, Wiley X, Kask and several other brands that are experts in the field of safety.

Accessories can also include socks and underwear from Worik, Klazig, Joha, UphillSport, Jack & Jones, ProActive by JBS and Decoy. You can get belts and bags from Carhartt, Clique, Stormtech, Craft and other brands.

Take a look around the webshop and add the items that most appeal to you to your basket. We have countless brands in clothing and footwear for men, women and children.