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Hunting clothes

Guide to finding hunting clothes that work in all kinds of weather

Hunting should offer plenty of fresh air and enjoyment of the outdoors, along with the chance to find some game. It should be a positive experience, where you don’t get cold, wet, hot, or irritated by ill-fitting hunting clothes. You must be able to move freely and effortlessly when hunting. That’s why we offer some tips here for putting together comfortable and efficient hunting wear.

Hunting clothes you can move in

During the hunt, you must be able to climb over fences or move closer to the prey, without being hampered by your clothing. Choose hunting jackets, jerseys, shirts, T-shirts, shorts, and trousers with stretch to ensure that you have full freedom of movement. If you find garments with 4-way stretch, it means that the fabrics will flex in all directions. If you prefer hunting clothes without stretch, we advise you to choose a fit that’s generous enough to allow unhindered movement – but without risking losing your trousers.

Hunting clothes for still hunting

On a hunt where you mostly remain still, you need hunting clothes that can maintain a comfortable temperature. We suggest that you look for windproof hunting clothes to avoid becoming chilled by cold, penetrating winds. In very cold weather, it’s smart to wear one to several intermediate layers – these are the layers between your underwear and outer jacket. If you also choose water-resistant hunting clothes, you can withstand a shower every now and then without having to interrupt or stop the hunt.

Dress according to the layering method

Maintain an ideal body temperature in all types of weather by dressing according to the layering principle. Three layers provide the best protection against wind and weather, and the air pockets in the fabrics and between the layers provide good insulating effect.

Layer 1: the moisture-transporting innermost layer

The layer closest to the skin must be moisture-wicking and breathable. Therefore, choose underwear made from wool or merino wool. This way, your body temperature will always adapt to handle the seasonal temperature.

Hunting underwear for men      

Hunting underwear for women


Layer 2: the insulating, intermediate layer

The middle layer must act as insulation. Depending on the season, choose a fleece sweater, a long-sleeved T-shirt, a hunting shirt, a knitted jumper, or perhaps a stretch sweatshirt. Choose something that won’t limit your freedom of movement.

Men's hunting jumpers

Women's hunting jumpers

Hunting shirts for men

Hunting shirts for women

Hunting T-shirts for men

Hunting T-shirts for women

Layer 3 - the protective outer layer

The outer layer must protect you from rain, cold, and wind. A shell jacket or a lined jacket with a membrane or coated surface will be windproof and waterproof. We recommend choosing a jacket that is also breathable, so moisture can escape.

A windproof shell jacket with a breathable membrane can be used all year round, because you can regulate body temperature by adjusting the layers of clothing you wear under the jacket.

For cold weather, a hunting jacket for winter use, with padding or down, is one of the most effective ways to stay warm.

Hunting jackets for men

Hunting jackets for women


Check water-column pressure ratings and breathability in hunting clothing

What is water-column pressure, and what rating is enough to protect against a rainstorm? It’s not the first thing that you might think of, but it is knowledge that can help you choose the right hunting gear and hunting rainwear.

See the guide ‘Water-column pressure and breathability in rainwear’

With these tips, we hope it will be easier for you to choose hunting clothing that works in all kinds of weather, so you can concentrate fully on the hunt.

Do you have questions about hunting clothes?

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