Looking for workwear in large sizes?

Looking for workwear in large sizes?

To state the obvious – craft workers, chefs, servers, care assistants, and hairdressers come in all shapes and sizes. But do you find it hard to find workwear that fits you? If so, you have come to the right place! Here at Cheap-workwear.com, we have made it easy for you to find clothes in larger sizes and for all industries.

Read on here and get a few trusty tips for finding clothes in the right size.

Well-equipped with the right size

When your clothes fit you, they are comfortable to wear – this gives you the energy to focus on your work or the project you are working on – in other words, you will be well-equipped both physically and mentally. Here at the webshop, the clothes in larger sizes are designed with ease of movement and use throughout the entire working day in mind.

When looking for clothing in large sizes, begin by taking your measurements. Compare your own measurements with the measurements of the clothes you find here – this way, you will get the right size. We have a size guide on all products, because as you might know, 2XL is not quite the same from brand to brand. One piece of advice is not to keep hold of clothes that are a size too small in the hope that you might one day be able to fit them.

Your clothes need to fit you here and now!

How to search for clothes in large sizes

Once you have made a note of your measurements, it’s easy to use the filtering feature at Cheap-workwear.com to find what you are looking for in your size.

Now you can see work trousers, work jackets, T-shirts or anything else you may be looking for in your size. And you can choose those you like best – without having to see all the other sizes. This way, you only see the products that are available in the right size, and you avoid the disappointment of something not being available in your size – instead concentrating on the options you are shown.

Remember to check out the size guide for the product you’re looking at, as sizes may vary between brands. You can view the size guide under the “add to basket” button.

Why is there a difference in price between a small and a large clothing size?

You may have wondered before about the difference in price between small and large clothing sizes. This could be because separate patterns have to be made for the clothes in order to make sure the large sizes fit and fit well. The working time it takes to customise a pattern, as well as the extra fabric needed for a larger size, makes it more expensive than standard clothing. You can compare this with children’s clothes versus clothing for adults – the price is not the same here either.

Find shoes, boots and safety shoes in large sizes too

It’s good to have a secure footing in windy weather, so shoes from size 48 and up are also needed! You likely think that items produced in large sizes are limited, but here at the webshop we have put together a great selection of shoes, boots and safety shoes in large sizes, so you have several options to choose from.

See examples of shoes in large sizes here:

If you need a pair of large sneakers, hunting boots or business shoes, you can also filter sizes at Cheap-workwear.com. This way, you concentrate your search on your particular shoe size.

Do you have questions about clothes and shoes in large sizes?

You are always welcome to contact our customer service if you find clothes or shoes that are not in your size, so we can investigate whether they can be ordered in, or help find an alternative for you.

We are also happy to help you find your size amongst the many sizes that are out there.

Contact customer service at info@cheap-workwear.com or phone +45 9674 2030.