Buy smart and functional clothing from Carhartt here at High quality and great comfort are Carhartt’s hallmark. Choose between classic colours such as black, white, navy and red.


Are you looking for Carhartt? Here at, you can find workwear, footwear and accessories from Carhartt for both men and women. Do you have high demands with regard to functionality, quality and design? If so, Carhartt is the right choice for you as they are known for high wear resistance and a good fit. In addition, Carhartt is so stylish, you can even wear it in your spare time.

Carhartt with great properties

The functional properties in Carhartt clothing are well thought-out, and you will find materials ranging from waterproof and windproof to stretchable and sweat-wicking.

If you need warm workwear for the cold winter months, you can also get it from Carhartt. For example, you can find winter jackets, thermal wear, hats, gloves and much more, which are sure to keep you warm in the cold weather. On the other hand, if you start to feel hot in the heat of summer, you can also find a wide selection of Carhartt summer workwear, such as shorts, 3/4 lengths and T-shirts made of breathable materials that keep your body temperate.

Carhartt's functional features allow you to move freely and flexibly as well as prevent wind and weather from becoming a hindrance, as long as you are wearing the right clothing.

Large selection of Carhartt 

Here at, you will find a large range from Carhartt, with the selection including the following:

  • Carhartt trousers, overalls, shorts and 3/4 lengths - here you can find everything from jeans and chinos to craftsman’s trousers and trousers with thigh pockets. Some Carhartt trousers are suitable for work use for, for example, craftsmen, and others are perfect for leisure wear with a T-shirt or a shirt.
  • Carhartt jackets - including jackets for both work and leisure. What all of the jackets have in common is a great fit as well as many technical details such as waterproof and windproof properties.
  • Carhartt sweaters and T-shirts - these can be anything from hoodies and sweatshirts to classic T-shirts. All are manufactured in a stylish design and great quality, which makes them suitable for both work and leisure.
  • Carhartt shoes and footwear - these are, for example, safety boots and Chelsea boots that are manufactured with a stylish and slightly edgy look, similar to leisure footwear.
  • Carhartt bags - Choose from weekend bags, shoulder bags, toiletries bags and wallets all equipped with the classic and well-known Carhartt logo.
  • Carhartt accessories - here you will find everything from tool pockets, tool belts and safety glasses to socks, hats, belts, dog mats and much more.

This large selection means you be fully equipped and combine Carhartt, footwear and accessories in many ways according to your needs and preferences.

The story of Carhartt

Founded in the United States in 1889, Carhartt is known for smart, functional and durable clothing that can be worn at both work and leisure. Carhartt was one of the first companies in the United States to specialise in workwear, and was initially founded to create durable workwear for railroad workers. In 1994, Carhartt Work in Progress (WIP) was founded and is particularly popular in Europe and Japan. Unlike the classic Carhartt , Carhartt WIP is more fashionable, and is popular among the street and skater culture. Unfortunately, we do not sell Carhartt WIP here at, but you can still find, for example, shoulder bags, T-shirts, jackets and hats which are highly suitable for leisure use and bear the characteristics of the fashion series with a street look.

Take a look at what the Carhartt brand has to offer and discover the work and leisure wear to suit you, with a focus on high quality and comfort. Here at, you will find cheap surplus stock on sale as well as the latest trends from Carhartt!