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    Work wear from Fristads are for men and women. We offer a large selection of Fristads work trousers, work jackets, coveralls, T-shirts and accessories - all of a high quality. Fristads workwear is suitable for many types of industries - including those in which Hi-Vis workwear is required.

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    Fristads makes high quality, Swedish workwear with a modern and functional design for men and women. You can find it here at You can get fully equipped with workwear from Fristads. Fristads workwear includes, for example, trousers, work jackets, overalls, T-shirts and several kinds of accessories such as hats and knee pads. Take a look around on this page and see the full range of Fristads workwear - there is bound to be something you can’t be without! That is whether you are a bricklayer, carpenter, painter, electrician or other tradesperson, work in industry, the service trade, electronic production, the food industry and elsewhere.

    Fristads workwear comes in a range of colours such as navy, black, grey, white, khaki and green and more, in a variety of collections. Fristads workwear is also available in visible colors such as hi-vis yellow, orange and red.

    Work safely in Fristads workwear

    In Fristads range of workwear you can find workwear to help you stay warm, dry and temperate, as well as protected against electricity, liquid metal and hazardous chemicals. You are protected according to the latest European standards in Fristads workwear.

    Does your job have requirements for the use of certified workwear?
    This may be flame retardant Fristads workwear for the offshore industry, for example, in which can protect you from burns. Or it may be Fristads workwear with reflectors and high visibility when working in areas with traffic.

    If you find it difficult to find the type of safety workwear, safety shoes and safety boots you require, please feel free to email us at or call and receive guidance from our customer service team on +45 9674 2030.

    Who is Fristads?

    Fristads workwear was founded in 1925 in the town of Fristad in Sweden. The need for actual workwear grew as industrialisation took off.
    The workwear was developed, and technological advancements were made use of, in the production of Fristads workwear. By the end of 20th century, Fristads was Sweden's largest manufacturer of workwear! Today, Fristads sets the standard for comfort, product development and quality in workwear.

    Help finding the right size in workwear

    Workwear should fit well, so that it allows you to move as you should at work. To find Fristads workwear that fits you, you can use our measurement chart that can help you find the right size. You can find this measurement chart under each individual product. If not otherwise specified in the item description, the workwear is regular in size, otherwise it will be stated whether the item is larger or smaller in size. In addition, you will find a guide on how to measure yourself correctly.

    Take a closer look at and see the large selection of Fristads workwear for men and women.

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