smelly feet

Smelly feet?

Do you struggle with smelly feet? Don’t worry ‒ you’re not the only one. It’s natural for your feet to sweat a lot. In a way, this is healthy, as it helps regulate body temperature. It’s just unfortunate that feet are trapped inside socks and shoes, where the sweat can’t evaporate ‒ giving you smelly feet!

What can help combat smelly feet?

The first thing you might think of is probably breathable shoes. This is a good place to start, but the breathable shoes will need to be used with breathable socks to achieve the best possible breathability for the feet. And who wants to keep using home remedies for bad-smelling shoes, such as putting tea bags in them overnight, if socks can help combat the issue?

Breathable socks

The material and texture of the socks contribute to whether your feet start to smell or not. You should therefore look for breathable socks made with technologies that really provide breathability for the feet.

Bamboo socks, woollen socks or woollen stockings are also a good choice. Wool and bamboo have antibacterial properties, meaning the socks don’t start to smell as easily. In fact, wool and bamboo are often used with materials such as cotton and polyester in breathable socks.

Does it matter how you wash your socks?

Washing your socks at 60 degrees kills the bacteria that contributes to smelly feet. However, woollen socks cannot always withstand such high temperatures, so you can instead wash these with the disinfectant Rodalon.

You can see our selection of socks to remedy smelly feet in shoes here.

Have you heard about insoles made with charcoal?

That’s not a joke! Charcoal insoles really exist and help keep socks and feet odour-free, as the active charcoal fibres prevent bad smells. Plus, they’re sweat-absorbent. Our charcoal soles are manufactured in such a way that you can cut them into shape to adapt them to your size ‒ and it’s easy, as the sizes are clearly marked.

Help to combat bad-smelling shoes

Smelly shoes are almost unbearable to wear, it’s just fortunate that your feet are the opposite end to your nose! Aside from having two pairs of shoes to switch between so that each pair has time to dry before you put them on again, there are several other things you can do. Read more about it on the blog here: Extend the service life of your footwear

A final piece of advice is to sprinkle your feet with talcum or foot powder before you put on your socks. This helps keep them dry.

We hope you find these tips useful, and wish you and your family good luck in keeping smelly feet at bay!

Do you have questions abouts which socks to choose?

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