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Choose the right thermal boiler suit

Does your thermal boiler suit need to be waterproof and breathable?

Do you get cold at work? Is it important that your clothing both helps you stay warm and does not restrict your movements, allowing you freedom of movement? If so, the solution may be a thermal boiler suit.

We hope this guide can help you choose the right thermal boiler suit that is well-suited to you and what you do. And remember that here at, you can find many winter boiler suits and thermal boiler suits from brands such as OCEAN, FE Engel, Helly Hansen Workwear, Lyngsøe Rainwear, Blåkläder and Mascot.

When you have to work outside in the wind and cold, finding the right clothing is important. This might be a thermal boiler suit that covers you from top to bottom and does not separate in the middle. At the same time, it completely protects the clothing you have on underneath.

Thermal boiler suits that are suitable for men and women

These lovely and warm thermal boiler suits can be worn by both women and men, with thermal boiler suits from small sizes up to 8XL. The men's models can often be worn by both genders. Just remember that as a woman, you have to go down a size if you choose a men's model. See the selection of thermal boiler suits for men here.

You can also choose thermal boiler suits with a feminine cut, designed specifically for women. Women's quilted thermal boiler suits have a fitted waist and the lightweight style is perfect for work in daycare centres, dog walks or other casual use. You will find thermal boiler suits specially designed for women right here.

A winter boiler suit should be fitted enough that you don’t feel like the Michelin man, but must not feel tight in the crotch when you squat down either.

Worth knowing about thermal boiler suits

Waterproofness is measured in mm, and the higher the number, the more waterproof it is. In addition, it must have taped seams and be EN 343 classified.

We recommend a water column pressure of at least 5,000 mm to ensure good protection against rain. If you intend to work outside throughout the day, we recommend a water column pressure of at least 8,000 mm.

Breathability refers to the heat and moisture that is let out through the membrane of the thermal boiler suit. High breathability therefore lets out more excess heat and moisture, which is good if you move around a lot. MVP stands for moisture vapour perspiration. This is the term for breathability. The MVP value shows how much moisture can be released per square meter over 24 hours.

Purpose: Determine what your thermal boiler suit will be used for and choose accordingly. If you are going to be wearing it when riding a moped, a high water column pressure is necessary, as wind causes water to be pushed through the thermal boiler suit. Though we cannot guarantee that will be 100% waterproof when used for moped driving.

Note that you can sort by technical specifications on our thermal boiler suit page, depending on whether you need a specific water column pressure or breathability.

Thermal boiler suit for outdoor leisure

You should also know that a thermal boiler suit can be used for things other than work. Moped driving can be wet and cold, so a thermal boiler suit is our best bet to keep you dry. If you spend time in a cold stable with horses and other livestock, a winter boiler suit can also be a great help in keeping you warm. The side benefit is that you can move around without getting your clothes underneath dirty.