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Mascot Workwear

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Mascot Workwear

Mascot Workwear is high quality workwear and safety shoes for men and women. Here at, you can get Mascot workwear, suitable if you are; a professional craftsperson, working in the field of service, transport, in a warehouse, in an industry, or other places where it is necessary for durable and comfortable workwear with stretch, for a great fit.

You can find Mascot Workwear work trousers and knickers, coveralls, work bib and braces, work jackets, work sweatshirts, thermal clothing, work shorts, work shirts, T-shirts and accessories such as caps, hats and socks here at

If you are looking for safety shoes, you can also get hold of these in the Mascot brand. This means you can be fully dressed in Mascot workwear, combining accessories and shoes in many ways, depending on your requirements and those of your workplace.

Often you need work clothes that suit the weather. In the Mascot range, you can get winter jackets, winter workwear and gloves suitable for very cold conditions, as well as Mascot workwear suitable for a rainy day. If the sun shines on a hot summer day, it is more comfortable with shorts and cargo pants, and when wind blows violently, you’ll need windproof workwear, something you can also find at Mascot.

Work safely with Mascot

Do you and your workplace have requirements for using certified workwear? Mascot Workwear has workwear that is suitable for welding, is anti-static, or fire-retardant, e.g. if you work offshore. If there is a requirement for visibility with reflectors for work in busy areas, then you can also find these in Mascot brand.

Mascot safety shoes can protect your feet as they meet many safety requirements. The safety shoes can feature nail protection, toe protection, be anti-slip, ESD approved, or anti-static as it is also known. They can have an oil-resistant outsole, be water-repellent, or cold-resistant. This means that you can find a pair of Mascot safety shoes that suit the exact type of work you do.

If you are unsure about the type of safety workwear or safety shoes you need, please feel free to email us at, or call and get some guidance from our customer service on +45 9674 2030.

How is Mascot in terms of sizing?

You can find your size by using our measurement chart under each of the individual Mascot products. Here you can also get guidance in choosing the right size of workwear and safety footwear, as well as being able to check the size guide to see if the workwear is large, small or normal in size. In addition, you will find a guide on how to accurately measure yourself.

Who is Mascot?

Since the foundation of Mascot in 1982, this Danish company has grown steadily and today has one of Europe's largest complete goods stores within workwear.
All over the world, Mascot's employees work within a European working culture, under safe and secure conditions - and of course without the use of child labor.
The slogan ""Tested to Work"" means that all workwear and safety footwear has been laboratory tested, user tested and quality controlled before being brought to you.

Look a little closer here at for Mascot safety footwear, work trousers and cargo pants, boiler suits, work overalls, work jackets, workwear, thermal clothing, work shorts, work shirts, and T-shirts, for men and women. You can get hold of everything from the latest trends to cheap residual stock items.