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    Dovre men’s underwear is a good choice for the quality-conscious man. It leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to men's underpants and underwear tops. It sits nicely, without being bothersome in any areas.

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    Men's underwear from Dovre is a great choice. It is men's underwear that keeps its quality over time. Both men's underwear tops and underpants are designed with great comfort in mind. The underwear sits so well on the body that you barely notice you are wearing it.

    Dovre men’s underwear can be used if you work in the office, as a mason, electrician, mechanic, blacksmith, carpenter, or gardener, and in all sorts of other professions, just as it is suitable for leisure use.

    Dovre men's underwear in wool or cotton

    Pure materials such as 100% cotton and 100% merino wool have been used. Cotton is great for use all year round. It feels soft, comfortable and a cool on the body, and it can also withstand being washed at high degrees.

    Men's underwear in merino wool is suitable for e.g. sports and winter wear, and is therefore also suitable for skiing. Wool is temperature regulating and has sweat-wicking properties, therefore it never feels damp on the skin. Wool also has self-cleaning properties and does not carry much odour, so you do not need to wash your underwear as often as your other laundry. Airing a wool garment out on the washing line can do wonders for its freshness. Wool also acts as a flame retardant.

    Different types of Dovre men's underwear

    The type of underwear men prefer is a personal choice, therefore Dovre offers different kinds of underpants and underwear tops. There are classic underpants, boxer shorts, and long johns, and there are underpants with and without a fly, as well as long johns with and without a fly. Dovre men's underwear tops are available without sleeves and are called singlets, and you can also get a Dovre men's long sleeve and a short sleeve underwear top.

    A little about the underwear brand Dovre

    The story began for Dovre in 1922, with serious marketing investment in men’s underwear in the 1950s, after which the factory became leading manufacturers in Norway. Today Dovre is owned by Danish brand JBS. In Denmark, they are known for JBS underpants and underwear tops. The slogan ""real quality"" is not born of nothing - you can safely expect high quality when buying underwear from Dovre.

    Take a look around and find gorgeous men's underwear from Dovre. Dovre is a high quality brand, which means your innermost layer of clothing is comfortable and not bothersome anywhere. At, you can buy classic Dovre men's underpants, boxer shorts and long johns as well as men's underwear tops with short sleeves, long sleeves and as a singlet.

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