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    Workwear from Blåkläder is high quality and provides a perfect fit for both men and women. Blåkläder’s workwear, safety shoes, safety boots and accessories go together well, giving you plenty of great ways to combine them.

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    Looking for workwear from Blåkläder? It is workwear with a great fit, for both men and women. Are you a craftsperson, do you work within service, in a warehouse or within the industry, and do you place great demands on design, quality and function? Then Blåkläder Workwear is a great choice for you.

    You can get Blåkläder work trousers, service trousers, work bib trousers, work shorts, work knickers, T-shirts, work shirts, work sweaters, waist coats, work jackets and work bib trousers. In addition, you can get Blåkläder gloves, hats and other accessories. If you are looking for safety shoes and safety boots, you can also get a wide selection from Blåkläder. A great thing about’s large selection of Blåkläder, is that the workwear and accessories fit together and give you many great combination options.

    Safe work with Blåkläder

    If your work demands certification, you can find work clothes from Blåkläder Workwear that is suitable for welding, is anti-static, or is suitable for work with chainsaw. You can also find fire-resistant workwear for offshore. You can also get work clothes that ensure your visibility with reflective panels if you work in busy areas.

    Blåkläder safety shoes and safety boots also meet a number of requirements for safety, such as toe protection, nail protection, waterproofing and anti-static properties.
    If you find it difficult to find the type of safety workwear, safety shoes and safety boots you need, please feel free to email us at or call and get guidance from our customer service on +45 9674 2030.

    How are Blåkläder in terms of sizing?

    You can find the Blåkläder size to suit you, by using our measurement chart found under each individual product, which helps you to choose the right size in workwear and safety footwear. Here you can also see a size guide to find out if the workwear is large, small or normal in size. In addition, you will find a guide on how to accurately measure yourself.

    Blåklæder or Blåkläder?

    Do you write Blåklæder instead of Blåkläder? Then we can assure you that no matter how you spell it, you can find the Swedish quality label in workwear here.

    Who is Blåkläder?

    Blåkläder is a Swedish company with more than 50 years of experience in clothing production. The company's vision is to broaden the availability of workwear with great functionality all over the world. This means that Blåkläder has substantial resources in the area of production while at the same time having full control of the production. Blåkläder has its own factories to ensure quality throughout the process; with regards to end products, environmental considerations, working conditions, and their choice of suppliers.

    At, we can offer you a large selection in Blåkläder workwear, safety footwear and gloves for men, women and children. You can find everything from cheap residual stock items to the latest trends!

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