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    Engel Workwear

    Workwear from ENGEL Workwear is for those looking for durable and comfortable workwear. We offer a large selection of tops and bottoms as well as accessories. You will find the wide selection of Engel workwear below.

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    Engel Workwear

    If you are a fan of ENGEL Workwear, you have come to the right place. At we offer a large selection of workwear from ENGEL Workwear. You can find FE Engel work trousers, work jackets, work shorts, work T-shirts, boiler suits, overalls and sweatshirts as well as much more for both men and women.

    ENGEL Workwear delivers high quality workwear with great comfort in many different colours. All the classic colours are available, such as blue, white, black, red, etc. In addition, you can also get Engel workwear in combined colours and also in Hi-Vis colours, making you visible in the dark.

    ENGEL Workwear high quality workwear

    We are very pleased about the great quality of the workwear available from ENGEL Workwear. This feature in workwear is highly important to us, as workwear needs to be able to handle a lot of daily wear and tear. ENGEL Workwear makes sure to include extra durable materials in their workwear, so work trousers, for example, are equipped with extra reinforcement on the knees and leg hems, where they are exposed to more wear and tear.

    Engel Workwear for many industries

    No matter what industry you work in - ENGEL Workwear delivers workwear for many different industries. Whether you work in service, industry, electronic production or in the craft trade, FE Engel workwear will be able to meet your workwear needs.

    FE Engel workwear also has a Hi-Vis series in which the workwear is certified with EN ISO 20471. It provides high visibility, which is perfect for those working in busy areas and other places where it is important to be seen.

    Wide selection of FE Engel workwear

    The selection is large. It includes ENGEL Workwear work jackets, work trousers, 3/4 lengths, shorts, overalls, boiler suits, vests, shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, hoodies, fleece jackets, softshell jackets, bomber jackets, thermal wear, rainwear, flame retardant clothing, reflective clothing and accessories.

    There is a good chance you will find all the workwear and accessories you need, so that you match top to toe and look presentable in durable workwear.

    ENGEL Workwear size guide

    Below each product you will find a size guide that will show you how to measure yourself. In addition, you will find a chart under some of the products, letting you know whether the product is small, medium or large in size. This can help you to choose the right size the first time around - we want you to be satisfied with your purchase the first time you buy.

    The story behind ENGEL Workwear

    ENGEL Workwear is a family-owned company, founded in 1927, and is today a leader in workwear. ENGEL Workwear has made a number of acquisitions throughout the years, including Workzone, which you will find on our site. In 1996, the Deerhunter brand was established, a leading brand in hunting. Today, ENGEL Workwear is run by 3rd and 4th generation Engels. ENGEL Workwear’s headquarters are located in Denmark, with factories in Lithuania where most of their workwear is manufactured. They focus consistently on innovation, creativity, product quality, flexibility and environmental awareness.

    Buy your ENGEL Workwear clothing at We follow the market and offer the latest styles and trends, and also have the best selection from ENGEL Workwear. You can also take a look at our cheap surplus stock and make some great savings. There is nothing wrong with the surplus stock - these items may be reduced simply because they are discontinued items and there are only a few sizes or colours are available.

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