Safety2Shoes - professional work shoes for craftsmen and women

Safety2Shoes - professional work shoes for craftsmen and women

Protect floors by using shoe covers

Most craftsmen and women know the situation well. After working outside, your next job is inside a private home with delicate carpets or floors. You would really prefer to keep your safety shoes on. Still, you take off your shoes to look after the customer's floors or you put on a pair of blue plastic shoe covers. In terms of your safety and comfort, working barefoot is not a good idea. The blue shoe covers are not an optimal solution either, as they are not non-slip and break easily. In addition, they protect the floors exclusively from dirt, so small stones in the sole will still be able to scratch delicate floors through the thin plastic.


The solution to this problem is Safety2Shoe's professional shoe covers. With these shoe covers as a permanent fixture in your toolbox, you can keep even wet and dirty shoes on when you walk inside. Without making the floors dirty or ruining the flooring and carpeting in any way.

Safety2Shoes work like work gloves - except for your shoes. In addition, Safety2Shoes is a 2-in-1 product where the fully covered side is designed for dry floors and the side with latex dots is suitable for wet floors. asked a mason, a carpenter, an electrician and a kitchen installer to test Safety2Shoes. The feedback was very positive and all test subjects saw that Safety2Shoes made a positive difference in the working day.

In this video you can see Safety2Shoes shoe covers in use, and hear about the Danish carpenter’s apprentice that developed them.

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