Find the right size

Find the right size

Choosing the correct size is essential to your comfort and well-being

Finding your way around different sizes and measurements can be a jungle, as different brands have their own sizing tables.

Sizing is more important than ever before, as we love to shop for clothes online and therefore do not have the opportunity to try them before purchasing. Whether it is a pair of craftsmen work trousers, chef trousers or other trousers, you would like to buy, it is important that the trousers fit you.

There are many different size tables and descriptions for various fits such as short model, long model, slim fit, modern fit etc. In addition, the amount of looseness the supplier has chosen to create the fit they think each item should have, and it can vary from product to product.

We recommend that you know a few of your measurements, so that we can give you guidance. They could be your chest, waist or hip measurements or your inner leg length. We can then always help you find the size to fit you.

How to measure

Measure directly against the body and remember that the tape should be placed horizontally and close to the body.

A: Chest width

B: The waist is measured the narrowest point. In most cases, this will be approximately 5 cm above the belly button.

C: Your waist measurement is measured at the spot where your jeans and trousers usually sit.

D: Your hip measurement is measured around the widest point of the hips.

E: Inside leg length is measured on the inside of your legs. Measure from the ankle and up to the crotch.

Please have in mind that the measurements in the sizing guides are indicative. They should be seen as a guide for finding the right size. The fit can vary from brand to brand, style and personal preferences. Sizes may vary depending on the manufacturer.

Measure figure

Questions about which size will fit you?

If you are in doubt about what best suits your needs, you are always welcome to contact our customer service on or phone. ​​​​​​​They will be ready with suggestions to help you find just what you are looking for.