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How to choose the right gloves

This glove guide here will help you find the right type of protective gloves

Since there are so many different types of jobs, there are also many different types of gloves to suit individual industries. These could be assembly gloves, food-approved gloves, work gloves, welding gloves, cut-resistant gloves, anti-vibration gloves, gardening gloves and many more kinds of protective gloves.
Finding the right gloves can be tricky. We therefore want to help guide you through EN standards and glove categories, and the method of finding the right size, so you get a pair of gloves that fit perfectly and fully protect your hands.

Description of EN standards in gloves

You may be thinking "Why are all these standards needed?"
Standards have existed for a long time. Standards are a means of communication to achieve uniformity in products, among other things, wherever they are produced in the world.

Therefore, your protective gloves are marked with EN followed by a number. This is your guarantee that the glove meets the requirements. The chart below shows the symbols that can be seen on the different types of protective gloves, as well as a brief explanation of what they are protecting against.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

EN 420 Covers general requirements for work gloves.

EN 374 Protects against chemicals and microorganisms.

EN 388 Protects against mechanical hazards.

EN 407 Protects against thermal risks.

EN 421 Protects against ionizing radiation and radioactive contamination.

EN 511 Protects against cold.

EN 381 Protects when using a hand-held chainsaw.

EN 10819 Protects against vibration.

EN 12477 Welding gloves.

EN 61340-5-1 Protects against electrostatic discharge.

EN 1186 Food contact gloves (glass and fork).

EC / 1935/20 004 Food approved.

What do glove categories mean?

Gloves can be divided into 3 categories according to EU Regulation 2016/425 when they are used for personal protection.

Category 1 gloves - CAT I

These are gloves used at low risk. They cover the general requirements for protective gloves and have a standard called EN 420. You can see the symbol for this standard in the diagram above with a description of EN standards.

Category 2 gloves - CAT II

These gloves can protect against medium risk. For example, welding gloves or industrial gloves that have been tested and type-approved by an EU approved testing institute fall into this category. The protective function of the gloves is shown by the symbols with which the gloves are marked.

If the gloves protect against mechanical risk, they are provided with a symbol for EN 388 and in addition 4-6 characters below the pictogram, depending on whether it is EN 388: 2003 or EN 388: 2016. The signs show test results for wear, cut-resistance, as well as puncture and tear-resistance. If there are no characters below the symbol, it is because they have not been tested for this.

See the illustration below.

How to choose the right gloves

Category 3 gloves - CAT II

The gloves protect against high risk. This includes extreme heat, cold or dangerous chemicals. There are ongoing quality control requirements for these gloves, as well as certification, type-approval and testing requirements.

​​​​​​​Find your glove size

Measure the circumference of your hand and the length of your fingers. Below each pair of gloves in's webshop, you will find a size guide that tells you what size to choose, based on your needs.

See an example of a size guide here.




Circumference around
back of hand in cm

Length in cm1617,118,219,220,421,522,6

We hope you are ready to choose the right type of protective gloves after reading this glove guide, to make sure your hands are optimally protected. At, you will find gloves from well-known brands such as OX-ON, Tegera, Portwest, WorkSafe, Blåkläder, Snickers Workwear and many more.

Still looking for a glove type in the range?

Should there be any glove types missing from our range, please contact customer service and we will try to find out if we can get those in for you.

Equally, we enjoy answering questions about gloves and how to choose protective gloves that fit the purpose you need them for.

Contact customer service at or phone +45 9674 2030.

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