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Hellberg Secure Synergy multi-point earmuffs, Black/Green

Hellberg Secure Synergy multi-point earmuffs, Black/Green

Product No.: 116405-Supplier No. 49012-001

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Hellberg Secure Synergy multi-point earmuffs


  • Electronic earmuffs.
  • With head band
  • With FM/AM radio.
  • Bluetooth
  • Make wireless phone calls and stream your favourite music.
  • Bluetooth Multi-Point makes it possible to connect two phones at the same time eg. both a work phone and a private phone
  • Prepared for broadband, which provides extra good sound quality when making phone calls
  • Supports voice assistants such as Apple Siri and Google Assistant
  • Noise-reducing boom microphone
  • Microphones with level-dependent active listening
  • 3-hour fast charging provides power for up to 62 hours of use
  • AM/FM radio with user-friendly controls
  • AFC (Automatic Frequency Control) makes it easy to set a desired radio frequency
  • Your phone automatically connects every time you turn on the hearing protector when you have been previously connected
  • AVC (Adaptive Voice Control) automatically adjusts the volume of the phone call based on ambient sound level
  • Microphones with level-dependent active listening in each earpiece guarantee excellent directional sound perception
  • You can hear your colleagues, warning signals and other important information without having to take off your hearing protection
  • Rechargeable batteries and USB- charge cable included
  • Damping value : SNR 30 dB
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