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The Boa® Fit SystemThe Boa® Fit System

The Boa® Fit System

We are excited about Boa®, as are many of our customers

At we are excited about Boa®, as are many of our customers. Boa® is a system that makes it possible to obtain the perfect fit, and also has an innovative fastening system.

Boa® keeps its fit all day long, without you having to struggle with re-tying wet and dirty laces. In addition, Boa® distributes support evenly, so the shoe does not tighten too much in one area.

If you have not already had your feet in a pair of safety shoes with the Boa® Fit System, it might be about time. BOA® is available in several of our safety shoes, sandals and boots from, amongst others; Solid Gear, Sievi, Grisport, Jalas, Brynje, Elten, Vismo and Mascot.

Lifetime guarantee

When you buy a product with Boa®, both the dials and laces come with a lifetime guarantee. That means that your Boa® Fit System will be functional for as long as your shoes or boots can be used. You can read more about The Boa® Fit System guarantee here.

Should you be unfortunate enough to cut the lace on a sharp metal edge or damage the dial, we will send you a repair kit. Of course, completely for free.

A repair kit can be ordered by sending an e-mail to Please note, we provide repair kits exclusively for footwear purchased at


In this video guide, you will see how to replace a broken lace or dial. It is incredibly easy as long as you follow the simple steps in the video.

Find instructional videos for replacement of other Boa® models here.

Replacement of Boa® L6

Questions about the Boa® Fit System?

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