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Polyester - "Yes please"

What is polyester?

Some of the great properties polyester has are that it is lightweight, does not wrinkle and is sweat-wicking.​​​​​​​

Unfortunately, most people still say "no thanks" because all they can think of are the cheap, shiny fabrics they know from the 80’s.

Polyester has many positive attributes, so try not to have "polyester-phobia". It gives our clothing many possibilities in relation to quality, design and comfort. Polyester is a widely used fibre, in fact, it is only surpassed by cotton. Throughout the years, polyester fibre has been continuously developed, meaning that there now exist many technological versions of polyester fibre.

Nowadays, polyester is used in many different types of clothing. These include moisture-wicking clothing, fleece, insulating mid-layers and workwear for all industries - including work trousers, smocks and chef coats.

Polyester has many positive qualities for use in clothing, especially in clothes used for sports such as running, skiing and golf, as well as in workwear. Polyester is lightweight, does not absorb water, and dries quickly. In addition, it is a fairly durable fibre that is easy to care for and does not crease!

Do not be scared off by the fact that a lot of clothing contains plenty of polyester. Focus on the good qualities in polyester work trousers or chef jackets, for example. It helps to increase comfort, and feels comfortable to wear your entire working day, as well as for active leisure time.

Polyester has a very high melting point, making it suitable for heat press printing - which is to say it is easy to print logos and names onto the clothing.

Questions about polyester?

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