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Choose the right kneepads

Choose the right kneepads

Your knees have to last you a lifetime - choose the right kneepads


Your knees have to last you a lifetime, and if you do not take care of them in your working life, you run the risk of damaging them ahead of time. It is therefore important to choose the right kneepads, ones which are adapted to your work trousers and fulfill your specific requirements.

Kneepads are available in many different designs, so it is important to bear in mind that they should be able to fit into your kneepad pockets as well as possible. More often than not, kneepads and trousers from the same brand will provide the best combination, as they are designed to fit together. Kneepads and trousers from the same brand will often also be certified together and approved after a 14404, which is only possible within the same brand.

Placement of kneepad pockets and kneepads

It is important that the trousers are the right length so that they cover the knee correctly. The trousers must not be too long, so that the kneepads sit on the shin, or too short, so that they sit above the knee. It is therefore important to be wary of choosing a pair of trousers that fit in the waist, but not in the legs, if you need optimal knee protection. Many pairs of trousers are available in several lengths, so you can be sure of getting a size that fits. So, be critical when buying trousers, this way you can be sure of optimal knee protection.

Placement of kneepad pockets and kneepads

Kneepad pockets are designed in different ways, and some kneepad pockets provide the option to adjust the height of your kneepad so that it fits perfectly over the knee. Below, you can see the different placements for kneepads, depending on the length of the trousers. There is also a difference in size of kneepad pockets, so it is important to you choose a kneepad that fits in your pocket. If the knee pad is too small, it will slide about in the pocket, while a kneepad that is too large will become wedged into place and rigid.


There are many styles of kneepads - and they are made in different materials, which has a strong influence on their comfort level as well as how well the knees are protected when subjected to knocks and strain.

Classic, affordable kneepads are often made of EVA-foam or polyethene, which is lightweight and flexible but at the same time stable and pressure-distributing, so the knees are protected. These must be removed from the trousers before washing as they cannot withstand harsh detergents and high washing temperatures, meaning washing can shorten the kneepads’ lifespan.

There are also kneepads made of neoprene or rubber, which are harder and firmer, making them able to retain their shape even longer. In some cases, these can be washed alongside the trousers, but always make sure to check the washing instructions before machine washing your kneepads.

There are also new and innovative kneepads on the market. Amongst others, Snickers offers a model with polyethylene beads, which provide excellent shock absorption and breathability at the same time. However, these are a larger model and therefore require large kneepad pockets.

There is also a model by Redbacks, which is designed to cushion and suspend the knees above the cold floor surface, providing excellent protection and working comfort at its best.

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Questions about kneepads?

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