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We deliver throughout the summer, but some brands go on summer holiday which may result in longer delivery times. For more information, see here.
Delivery Summer 2021

Delivery Summer 2021

Purchase your goods at us with no worries - we will be shipping there entire summer.

We will be shipping the entire summer. However, a few of our suppliers will be closed for a few weeks, so you may experience longer delivery times:

Albatros 19/7 till 1/8
Canson 1/7 till 25/7
CC5 19/7 till 1/8
Euro-Dan 26/7 till 1/8
Giasco 4/8 till 22/8
Image kompagniet 26/7 till 1/8
James & Nicholson 26/7 till 1/8
Kümmel 19/7 till 1/8
Mikkelsen 12/7 till 25/7
Myrtle Beach 26/7 till 1/8
Nikwax 26/7 till 1/8
Pitch Stone 26/7 till 1/8
Puma 19/7 till 1/8
Segers 14/7 till 1/8
Stuff Design 19/7 till 25/7

Tranemo  19/7 til 1/8​​​​​​​
Vangard 19/7 till 8/8
Worik 4/8 till 29/8
Xplor 19/7 till 1/8

f you order multiple items, we will send your order when our warehouse has received all the items from the various brands. This means the item with the longest delivery time determines when you will receive your order.

During the summer season, we are able to offer partial delivery which means we can send the items with a shorter delivery time first and send the remaining items with a longer delivery time afterwards.                                                                                                    If you would like partial delivery, please contact our customer service with your order number by email or phone.

Email:                                                                                Telephone number: +45 9674 2030

Do you have questions regarding delivery times?

Send us an e-mail or give us a call:


Phone: +45 9674 2030

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